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by alex brown - Wednesday, 25 March 2020, 2:06 PM
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As Turkey passed through, the Black Sea began, a vast sea with a washed horizon. Clouds appeared at the bottom, first small, then more and more. They were quite low, but in the dark water one could clearly see the shadow of each of them.

   For almost 2 hours we were in the air and suddenly, indistinct, blurred, the ground appeared in sight. It was barely visible, but it was absolutely clear that it was not the same as the previous one. When the sea was over and the plane was already over Ukraine, clouds thickened from below. Maybe it was raining a little down there, but the thunderstorm did not even smell.

    The flight became monotonous, absolutely nothing changed under the keel, I did not even know where we were and how long we had to fly to Minsk. However, such a coveted reduction did not make us wait long. Slowly, but the clouds began to get closer and closer to the plane. After a while, they were almost at wing level. And then, abruptly, absolutely immediately, the plane went down. I didn't even notice how the clouds, which were literally 5-10 seconds ago, became higher than us, and at the bottom....

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